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What happens when the producers of South Africa’s most watched reality TV shows dare to dream? They extend themselves and deliver captivating ideas and  branded content that doesn’t only leave audiences enthralled, but also hooked on the story, your brand story. Or, they  think out the box, innovate and disrupt. 

Our creative teams have a finger on the pulse of contemporary South African culture and the ability to deliver relevant programmes, shows that touch, entertain and move people. They have earned a reputation for producing TV shows that have transcended the medium, become part of everyday folklore and taken on a life of their own.  


We want to work with you and help you spend your advertising, marketing and communication budget differently. Support young producers and let us make your brand become part of the story from the start, allowing you to shape and adjust the content according to your marketing objectives.


Our approach to co-creation will enhance your brand visibility and give you substantially more digital real-estate and viewership when compared to the cost of producing and flighting a conventional one-off TV commercial.  Alternatively, our production teams are ready to leverage their knowledge and experience to support your objectives. We would be happy to manage and  host your unique events, conceptualise and produce a compelling television advert for you, or simply provide production expertise and support to in-bound productions.

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