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Ons Sprokies Bruilof

They say you can’t dance at two weddings, but you sure can catch the drama, stress and tears of a whole bunch of them . The road to the chapel is littered with tiny thorns – from mothers in law that don’t know their place to a variety of crises involving dresses, drapes or cake decorations. But where love burns strong enough, there are always happy endings. Come along on these unforgettable journeys of love with kykNET’s new reality series Ons Sprokies Bruilof, presented by the beloved actress and singer Sorina Erasmus (aka The Flooze).

Sorina tells the whole love story of every couple participating in Ons Sprokies Bruilof: from the day they first met through all the trials and tribulations until they eventually say their “I do’s”. 


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